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Election Day

On Election Day, you should vote where you live. If your voter registration is up-to-date, you can refer to your Voter Notification Card for your polling place location or use the voter look-up website. However, if you moved and have not updated your voter registration information, enter your new address in the Polling Place Locator.

Polling Place Change Meeting Notification

If you'd like to receive notification of any future scheduled meetings held by the Caroline County Board of Elections to discuss polling place changes, please signup online. If you're unable to complete the form online, call the office 410-479-8145 to be added to the list.

Early Voting

Early Voting Early Voting offers registered voters the opportunity to vote a ballot at an early voting center in their county during an eight day period of time prior to both Election Days.

The Early Voting Center for Caroline County is: Caroline County Health & Public Services Building
403 S. 7th Street
Denton, MD 21629

Mail-in Voting

Mail-in Voting Information and Instructions

Provisional Voting

A provisional ballot allows someone who thinks he or she is an eligible voter to vote. If the local board of elections determines that the provisional voter is registered and eligible to vote in Maryland and vote a provisional ballot, the ballot will be counted. If the voter is not eligible to vote a provisional ballot, the ballot may be rejected. A provisional ballot is not an alternative to the electronic voting system.

Provisional ballots are counted even if they will not change the outcome of an election.

Click here to find out if you are a registered voter and to make sure your information is current.

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